Stupid News – 07/10/14

Sarah Pepper

Stupid News

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A 32-year-old writer from Chicago published a book last month on how to avoid getting gored at the Running of the Bulls in Spain. One problem. He has GORED at the Running of the Bulls yesterday. A 1,300-pound pull got him… twice.

New survey says people that regularly visit dentists are more likely to be happy with their lives.  Plus, thanks to those waiting room magazines, they’ll also be more in tune with 1987.

Kids… again… drugs are bad. This morning’s reminder? From two kids that smoked some weed, broke into an elementary school, and only stole one thing… a box of FROOT LOOPS. They both have been busted.

Speaking of weed… PRO TIP. If you are a lifeguard… peoples life’s might depend on you. Please wait until you are OFF duty to get high. Six lifeguards have been busted after cops found two joints, two bags of weed and a pipe inside one of their cars. All SIX have been charged with possession of marijuana.

A woman in New Mexico thought a guy parked in her driveway was breaking in to her house, so she boxed him in. Then a cop showed up and pulled a gun on him. One problem… he wasn’t breaking into her house… just cleaning up after his Shih Tzu… that pooped all over his SUV.

Dad of the year award goes to a man who police tried to pepper spray… I say try because he used his nine-month-old BABY as a human shield.  Ryan David Krueger, 33, is charged with DWI, fleeing police, terroristic threats and child endangerment. This after being told to pull his boat over this past Fourth of July. He didn’t, used the baby as a shield to keep from getting pepper sprayed, told the cops to go screw themselves and took off… on the lake… doing circles… for fifteen minutes.

Woman goes on 30 day pet food diet. Dorothy Hunter, who owns Paws Natural Pet Emporium in Richland, Washington, believes that the food she sells in her store is not only good for pets, but it’s also good for people. To prove it, she’s embarked on a 30-day pet food-only diet to raise awareness about the diets of people and their pets.

Instant Karma… A man in Georgia stole a bike Monday from the bed of a pickup truck. He was confronted by an employee who chased after him while he pedaled… straight into a curb and ‘face planted’ into the road. He was  bleeding from his head as he was transported to the hospital… then jail.

And a man who tried to force a train toilet door was left with a broken nose and two black eyes after six women emerged from the cubicle to confront him. When the door opened six women in mini skirts emerged shouting. One punched and kicked him on to the platform. Why the six women were in the same toilet cubicle is currently unclear, police say.
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