Real Life “Fault In Our Stars” Couple Reunite Before Wife’s Death

You remember the movie “The Fault In Our Stars”

Katie Prager rand her husband Dalton were the real-life couple! They were compared to the novel and the movie.

Kaite sent a message to her future husband about 8 years ago because they were both battling and living with cystic fibrosis. They fell in love and got married and were both hoping for lung transplants. They did both receive new lunch but unfortunately, Katie needs a second one and that is, sadly, not going to happen.

She received the news last week that there was nothing more the doctors could do.

She is currently in a hospital in Kentucky and her husband is in a hospital in St. Louis. The insurance wouldn’t cover his flight to see her but friends and family on a GoFundMe page raised the money to send him to her.

You can read the full story here on KHOU’s website.


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