Meet One of Houston’s Most Inspiring Teachers!

Every single month for over a year we have been doing Pepper Pays it Forward. Something I started to carry on my brother’s legacy of rewarding teachers and ensuring a great education for kids.

It started really 4 years ago at McWhirter Elementary and has grown to include Gulf Coast Educator’s Federal Credit Union who give us $500 each month to award a teacher in the Houston and surrounding area for their amazing work in the classroom.

Our first teacher of the year is Mrs Bonner from Whidby Elementary.

Here are the letters we got for her nomination.

I nominate Jasmine Bonner because she is not only married to my youngest son who is a wonderful man, but she is a hard working wife, a 1st time mom, & an upcoming, inspiring young entrepreneur who is also authoring an inspirational & beautiful children’s book. All the while teaching, educating & molding other young minds to reach for the stars & their highest potential. And even further, shares her wisdom & wit w/her family, friends & co-workers & remains funny, friendly & even teachable herself
She is the most hardworking teacher I know. She is constantly bringing work home to make her students better, even when I tell her to take a break. She talks about her students like they are her own kids & you can really tell how much she is invested in them. They come from an area where they may not have positive role models to look up to. She becomes a role model for them, makes them strive for greatness holds them to high expectations because she believes in them, despite their circumstances.
Jasmine is a great instructor and she truly has the kids in mind.
Jasmine Bonner is so dedicated to the education of the youth and her passion for teaching is inspiring.
Jasmine is so passionate about her kids! She’s a great teacher and is trying to harbor an inclusive learning environment that these children need! She deserves any and all resources she needs
I have known Jasmine for over 10 years. She comes from a family of educators and is a phenomenal individual and teacher. Being raised in Detroit, Michigan allows you to generally be aware of the deficit the education system is in and I am extremely proud of her for giving back and actively seeking and using EVERY avenue to provide for children. They are our future and she understands that so gives her all as an educator.
I nominate Jasmine because she is a great teacher.  She goes above and beyond to make sure her children have the best.  She is passionate about her job and making her children feel loved and confident.  She is a teacher with a heart of gold.
If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her you will see what I mean.  She deserves this nomination and much more for the hard work she puts in all year around. Even on her vacation she is still working and looking for ways to improve classroom.

If you have a teacher you would like to nominate. Click here


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