Who Is The Enforcer In Your Relationship


So I hate confrontations. We bought our daughter some new glasses and they were supposed to be in last Friday but one pair was late and other pair was sent in wrong. Finally, yesterday one of the pair came in and I took my daughter to pick them up. My girlfriend wanted me to be stern with them about the missing pair and why it was taking so long for the glasses to come in and she wanted me to find out when the other one was going to arrive. But I didn’t want to be rude so I just asked the lady that was working politely when they would be in and she told me that they would give us a phone call when they arrived. I told her, “that sounds good” and we left. I ended up getting in trouble for this and my girlfriend was the one who ended up taking care of this problem by calling the corporate office and was told she can get a refund of 50% of what she paid. So I learned anytime there is a problem my girlfriend is the one who usually handles the situation.


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