Mom Calls Police To Teach Her 3-Year-Old A Lesson About Seat Belt Safety

Parents I know we say this to our kids a lot or you probably head this growing up when you were a kid.  I know I did. You tell them that you are going to call the police on them for not listening or misbehaving. Well this one mom from Scottsdale, Arizona really did call the police on her 3-year-old daughter to teach her a lesson on seat belt safety.  The mom said, she did this because one day they were driving and her 3-year-old unbuckled her seat belt on the ride home and she had to pullover to buckle her back up and explain to her daughter why wearing a seat belt is very important. When they got home she thought it would be a better idea to have the police come over and explain to her daughter about wearing her seat belt. The mom knew that her daughter would really listen to someone of authority, then just having her mom tell her.


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