Stupid News – TUES 09/20/16

Buenos dias it's Ivan

Don’t miss the stupidest news stories from Texas and around the world every weekday morning at 7:05a with Sarah Pepper and Ivan! Check out a recap today’s headlines.


Have you ever been late for flight? A couple in China was and now their in big trouble for doing whatever it took to stop the plane. An unnamed pair was late for their flight for Shanghai. So they decided to run onto the runway and stand in front of the plane with their luggage and demand to be let on. It didn’t take long for police to grabbed them and now they may might be banned from flying for life. See the pics HERE!!!


A 35 year man named Forrest Brantley from California broke into a Spanish Mission gift shop last week. He got away with stealing 2 crucifixes which he used to go on a blasphemous rampage. He used the crucifixes to beat the cell phone out a man on the street. Then he used them to break into a car, hit a 75 year man, break the window of a thrift shop and steal a bicycle. Thank God police stopped him before he could continue and you can see his mugshot HERE!!!


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