Is It Shady If You Delete Your Entire Call Log On Your Phone?

We talked Monday about Lucio deleting all of his text messages every single day and we told him we were going to go back and check his phone on Friday and told him not to delete his messages or call log to see if it was a space thing or a shady  thing. Now we gave Lucio a hard time but he doesn’t have a flip phone, he had a new smart phone so it isn’t a space thing now but we are open minded people and thought that maybe he was so used to doing it, it just stuck.

So we told him to try it for a week. To prove he wasn’t being shady at all.

So we checked his phone today.

He did have some text messages. He had some from his daughter, his baby mama, me and his sister.

Then we looked at his phone log and he had ONE CALL and it was from yesterday.

Now, we know he deleted his call log because I called him Wednesday.

Now, is this just a complete misunderstanding and he is just a creature of habit or is he being shady?



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