Woman Overdoses In Store With 2 Year Old Daughter

When people are heavily involved with drugs, it not only harms them but those around them. That was definitely the case when this woman overdosed in a store while she was with her two-year-old daughter.

It’s heartbreaking to see this little girl tugging at her mom to get up and her mom is passed out.

You can hear a different woman call for help as she explains what’s going on over the phone to 911. However, many people on the Internet are outraged wondering why the couple that appears to be filming, did not even try to console the little girl as she was crying.

I think maybe the man was recording this as they initially approached and did not want to touch the scene.

I am really hoping this did not go on for a long time. The woman did survive and was arrested.

They found baggies on her which may have been heroin or even Fentanyl.

The little girl was removed from her custody and is now in protective custody. The police chief in Lawrence, Massachusetts said the video was released to raise awareness and show the consequences of drug use.

He stated, “it’s very very disturbing to see someone obviously in the manner of addiction wear it overtake someone to the point where they are not able to take care of their child leaves their child vulnerable”.

Please proceed with caution on this video it is very heartbreaking. 😦



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