Justin Bieber Sounds Fed Up

CoCo Dominguez

Justin Bieber has had a different attitude in this last year when it comes to dealing with his fans, the public and the paparazzi. He even told his fans at a concert recently to stop screaming! Lol Really? That seems a little bit extra however, I do think he made a valid point to the paparazzi when he says they come up with them dumbest questions. I get it they are just trying to poke and prick at him to see what he may say but they’ve got to do better.

After the paparazzi guy wouldn’t let up, Justin proceeded to talk about him personally, asking him what’s wrong with his face? Not the features on his face as he put it but the insecurities behind the irrelevant questions being asked.

I really think he needs a real break from music for a while, it may make him appreciate what he’s got going even more. That doesn’t look like it’s happening soon Justin Bieber and his attitude lol are going on a stadium tour early 2017. Seven cities have been announced, the closest to Houston will be in Arlington at the AT&T Stadium on July 29th. Take a took at him going back and forth with the paps!



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