A News Anchor Crashed a Scooter on Live TV

Buenos dias it's Ivan

Don’t you love it when something goes wrong on live TV? Well a news show in LA was in the middle of a segment when it happened to them.

It happened on Tuesday when the news was doing a local segment on hot Christmas gifts for 2016. That’s when the one of the hosts named Lisa Breckenridge got on a scooter to ride around the studio. But she couldn’t get the hang of it and crashed into a TV, then it fell over on her! She was rushed to the hospital after that but she posted on Instagram that she is going to be okay.





Thanks for all your concerns a lil mishap on live tv 📺 at the hospital now getting checked out @foxla thanks @firefighter_fitpro

A photo posted by Lisa Breckenridge (@lisabreckenridge) on Dec 13, 2016 at 10:29am PST



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