Stupid News – THURS 12/15/16

Buenos dias it's Ivan

Don’t miss the stupidest news stories from Texas and around the world every weekday morning at 7:05a with Sarah Pepper and Ivan! Check out a recap today’s headlines.



A Florida man picked the wrong man to mess with when he tried to rob a convenience store. According to reports the would be robber tried to pull a bb gun on Shad “The Beast” Gaspard who is a former WWE star. But Shad wasn’t having it and he took him out like he was back in the wrestling ring. He took the gun away and got the man on the floor. Then he threw the robber out of the store and held him down until police got there to make an arrest. See the video here!



36 year old Anthony Coleman from Florida had a really bad day on Monday. He went to the park to shoot some hoops at the local park to blow off some steam. When he got there he joined a game being played by a bunch of high schoolers. And those high schoolers schooled him on the court. It was so bad that a group of middle schoolers at the park started laughing at him. So he grabbed his ball and ran to his car. On his way home he got cut off on the road and that was the final straw. So he rear eneded the guy in front of him and caused a 4 car accident. No one was seriously hurt but he was arrested.



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