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One Comment

  1. Claudia A says:

    RUMI Is the prettiest one…. RUM RUM ALLLLLL THe way..

  2. Erick says:

    JeNNiFeR B should be the OFFICE HOTTIE she is so beautiful natural beauty!!!

  3. Soumalee S says:

    Good Luck to all the Office Hotties!!!

  4. Joe says:

    So I want to meet Brenda C, Cindy A, Lorena G! And of course Rumi A!

  5. Misc says:

    I think Ana F should be disqualified because she got a friend of her to help him out and cheat for her by getting tons of people to vote for her in exchange for some reps

    ^ check that out, that’s where all the cheating is happening

    1. Drewseph says:

      Thanks for the comment. According to the rules, there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to vote for you.

      1. tinker says:

        How is getting people to vote cheating? That’s the point of the whole contest. She’s not breaking any rules, she wants it the most so she’s worked the hardest and that’s why Ana is going to win!!! 🙂

    2. misc.... says:

      Don’t be a hater, Getting votes is part of the game, people are putting a lot of time and effort into winning this contest so whoever wins deserves it……..

  6. Alicia says:

    OMG this is a popularity contest isnt it

  7. Ernesto says:

    Rumi is my girl!

  8. Anabel says:

    UHHHHH ANA F REALLY…… This should be based on OFFICE HOTTIES not popularity. No Fair. My vote would go for RUMI A…. That’s a Kim Kardashian look alike. HOT

    1. jinx says:

      hahahaha please! Stop hating cause ur friend didn’t win! Ana F worked hard for her votes!

      1. sillymee says:

        worked hard? she knows a guy who knows a whole lot more guys so…? they wouldnt vote for her unless they get rep points..

      2. jinx says:

        Whatever, quit hatin’! If you think that’s where most of her votes came from, you are sadly mistaken! You can’t just assume anything, she has the support of all her family and close friends, she is a great person! You can’t judge somebody you don’t know! Bitterness is unhealthy.. js.

  9. Hey this IS a Hottie Contest… picks who is the top 25 – everyone who was picked is already considered TOP 25 hottie, after that.. its how bad you want it.. Promote yourself… promote ur friend, sister or brother… dont dog on others who have ppl voting for them – make it your power to get as many ppl on here to vote for you… send it EVERYWHERE… every hour…. take if from a PAST contestant i been there

    on my opinion would vote for Nancy O – i think she is very pretty!!

    1. jinx says:

      I agree with you, these girls work hard for their votes! Some ppl want it more than others.. hot95.7 picks top 25, after that, its all based on popularity.. ppl need to get over it! Haters!

    2. nancy says:

      Aww this is sooo nice and sweet of you to say about me 😀 i hope i get win!!

  10. celeana says:

    Hey guys!!! Vote vote vote for me Celeana Z! I would love to win!!! Good luck to all the hotties!

  11. Mommy 2 b says:

    I vote for Nancy O

  12. Terri says:

    Vote for Brittany P…she’s gorgeous!

  13. Taramisu77 says:

    Vote for Ana because she’s the most beautiful inside and out! She deserves to win!

  14. rita says:

    hope my sis wins…based on her looks she already has! go laura z!!

  15. Michelle says:

    Brittany P should win 🙂 GO B!!! ❤ M.Bee

  16. April says:

    I think people should vote based on looks! It is called office hotter. Rumi all the way.

  17. AMANDA says:

    People should actually vote for the girls that are in an office! This contest isn’t called “bathroom hottie” or “club hottie” It’s called OFFICE HOTTIE! Go CELEANA Z. Love ya chika!

  18. Amanda says:

    Everyone needs to get off the gas!! It doesn’t matter where you are in the picture just be honest about working in an office. Good luck to all the hotties, especially me lol! Quit complaining already.. geeze! After being chosen its popularity duh!!

  19. Emily says:

    Go Amanda P!!!!! Good luck beautiful!! MY top 3 AMANDA P, Celeana Z, Rumi A! Good luck ladies.. may the hottest win.. well looks like the most popular this month so far :/

  20. AP says:



  21. brenda(: says:

    There no way im going to win this
    anyways Congartulaations to who ever does .
    Good Luck Girls (:
    every single girl is beautiful ♥
    -Brenda C

    1. april says:

      you are very pretty!

    2. Henry says:

      What? You are beautiful!

    3. Ana F says:

      Thank you Brenda 🙂 I agree, you and all these girls are beautiful ❤ – Ana F

  22. CELEANA says:

    Thanks to all my peeps that voted for me despite my loss! And thank you HOT 95.7 for having me as the web sites front page cover girl for the Office Hottie Contest! Much Love..CELEANA Z!!!

  23. april says:

    people should vote next time solely on looks! good job to all the girls! RUMI A all the way!

  24. Vote for Jamie F….my Hottie Daughter-in-Law!

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