Wendy's Twitter Account Is Demolishing TrollsMost corporate Twitter accounts are run with the mindset that "the customer is always right."  Anyone who has worked in the retail or service industry knows that most times that is entirely not the case, but sometimes when the customer wants to play ball, you, unfortunately,have to play ball.  Whoever runs Wendy's Twitter account, however, decided to pick up the ball the customer laid down, and throw it right back in his face.
Fans pissed after Billboard columnist compares Taylor Swift to Amy WinehouseOne of the columnist for Billboard is feeling the heat right now after publishing an article on Monday that compared the legacy of the late Amy Winehouse to Taylor Swift.
Demi Lovato To Shut Down Twitter And Instagram AccountsDemi Lovato's latest breakup will affect all her fans, especially the ones that follow her on Twitter
Iggy Azalea Saved Nick Young From A Bad Tattoo (PHOTO)Although it may have caused him a little embarassment.
Chrissy Teigen Is The Most Real Person On TwitterChrissy Teigen says exactly what we are all thinking
Nicki Minaj Is Not A Fan Of Farrah AbrahamBut who is right?
ThighBrow Trend Is RidiculousIt's the latest hashtag trend on Instagram and Twitter and it's literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
The Internet Reacts To Shark WeekHonest Shark Week reactions
Amanda Bynes Is Back On TwitterCheck out her new selfie
[Video] President Obama Reads Mean TweetsIf you missed him last night on Jimmy ya go.
The Inevitable Star Wars Related Tweets About Harrison Ford's Plane CrashWhen a legendary sci-fi hero survives a catastrophic event, the creativity of fanboys and fangals on Twitter ignites.
After Diplo Insults Taylor Swift, Lorde Comes To Her RescueDiplo attacked Taylor Swift on Twitter and Lorde came to the rescue! Read the tweets here!

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